Interactive Video for the Enterprise

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Interactive Video

You tell amazing stories with video. Now you can also allow users to engage with your story with choose-your-own adventure, chapters, skip logic and more. Don't just tell a story, let them control the outcome.

Advanced Analytics

Our advanced analytics tracks viewers, length of watch, what they click on, and what path they take within the video. With additional settings you can also track conversions. Start making informed business decisions with your video.

Personalization / Variable Data

Integrate variable customer data directly into your marketing, training or billing videos to engage with your potential clients, customers or partners. We can personalize data, images or video segments as an overlay on your video.

Shopping Cart

Create hot spots within your videos for click-to-add-items. Viewers add items to an integrated cart, which feeds to your native system when the video ends.
Save the cart until the end of the video to maintain viewership and video quality.

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Lead generation, engagement, communication and analytics
for the Enterprise

Your videos create brand engagements you hope are leaving an impression or Inciting a call-to-action. With our Enterprise product, we give you the tools to manage your interactive videos, personalize them, add e-commerce and analytics to track every impression and engagement. 

We give you the tools to inform real business decisions through videos, ads, apps or kiosks.

RooClick Enterprise Video

Take control of your video. Learn more. 

Stop giving social media & YouTube all of your (limited) video engagement. Take control of your video today.

Social media, YouTube and other video sharing platforms are great to pique interest but they don't produce the close rates you should expect from powerful video.

Find out how well your video really performs. Pique interest on social sites then drive to the full video on your site, with calls-to-action and engagement opportunities that other sites can't provide. Take Control!