What makes us special?

RooClick was founded on the premise of giving users what they want, when they want it. By eliminating the disconnect between seeing content and engaging with content through a simple click.

What makes us relevant?

Media is being consumed at an unprecedented level. RooClick's objective is to create calls-to-action with clickable opportunities allowing for real time delivery of products and information. We allow consumers to easily locate information, view its content and purchase products hassle-free and in real time. Using existing content we make your products more accessible to your users in ONE click. No matter the video content.

Why choose RooClick Technology for your videos?

Increased content value | Enhanced product placement | Higher content engagement | Increased revenue


Easily integrate onto your site


You can "Click up" your videos or we can do it for you. The choice is yours!

Increased ROI

Before your customers could only watch your video, now they can shop it!

Proof of concept

Request a demo video here.