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Create engaging, interactive and trackable video

RooClick gives you the tools to create and manage your own interactive videos at little or no cost. You can also use our paid or Enterprise services for more space, advanced interactivity, personalized video or live event management.    Try it & learn more about RooClick.

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FREE and low-cost interactive video

  • Make your video clickable
  • Hyperlinks, in-video links
  • Story telling, CTA, Social
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Enterprise Video

Interactive, Variable Data & Events

  • Advanced Interactivity
  • Integrate CRM Data
  • Make live video interactive
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Experience Interactive Video Now

Interactive Video Now
You load, build and manage your own videos and pay as you grow OR
call us for custom Enterprise solutions.
*Free up to 1Gb then paid options apply.

$299/mo. Resellers

Customer account management

  • Requires advanced training
  • Perfect for videographers & small agencies
  • Report & management tools
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Enterprise Solutions

Custom Interactive Solutions

  • Link CRM data, get report data back
  • Brand & enterprise management
  • Personalization & integration services
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RooClick is an interactive video solutions provider who gives you all of the tools to create and manage your interactive video. We also provide enterprise solutions for advanced interactivity, integrated personalization, live events or custom interactivity.

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